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Zept is an app that helps international students find universities and colleges that best fit their grades and academic interests. Zept is like a dating app that helps match students to post-secondary schools. Students enter their grades, country of origin, high school, and programs they want to study. Zept recommends schools one at a time. Students like or reject the schools presented, and this creates a shortlist for the students of schools that meet their interests and qualifications.

Zept's goal is to make the world of post-secondary education as transparent as possible to international students. Through indexing all the post-secondary schools and their entrance requirements, Zept can help students find their best possible post-secondary education. This allows students to feel confident in their choice. Zept has presented students their best options and saved them hours of research on which schools offer the programs they are interested in and what schools they can be admitted to based on their high school grades.

We want to make the journey for students as seamless and transparent as possible. We have developed tools and partnered with services to help students on their journey to higher education. We aim to make sure students attend the university or college of their choice.

About Us

We are a remote team in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Our team boasts a mix of successful startup founders and international student experience. Our founders have successfully grown and exited multiple startups.

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Applying to schools abroad is a journey full of uncertainties. Use Zept, a free personal tool to find, arrange for, and attend schools.