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We recommend schools based on your grades, what and where you want to study. This allows the most relevant schools to you.

Students looking to study abroad have an overwhelming amount of information available. They want to be confident that the post-secondary education they choose is the best option for them. In many cases selecting a university is among the most expensive investments they will make in their lives and among the most important. Zept's goal is to make the decision process as transparent as possible, allowing the student to apply to their best possible choices that they can realistically be admitted. Zept is solving the hard problem of the marketplace and distilling the myriad of options to a digestible series of recommendations for each student.

Students enter their grades, English Scores if required, area of study and Zept recommends the best schools for each student. The recommender helps the student discover the best schools that they can get admitted. This unbiased tool helps students connect with universities and colleges that are the best fit for their grades and interests. 

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Applying to schools abroad is a journey full of uncertainties. Use Zept, a free personal tool to find, arrange for, and attend schools.