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Zept Assistant

The Zept Assistant is a companion that international students can use and refer to help them through the process of going to a university or college in another country. The ZA keeps students informed and on track in this process. It is both a reference and a source of services and tools that students can use, making the experience of the transition more accessible and transparent.

Zept Assistant for Educational Institutions

The Zept Assistant that helps international students through the complex and confusing process of studying abroad. It helps students through a step by step process, keeping students informed and on track with an organized and easy process helping them get to your campus. You can customize the app to your institution with your events, deadlines and important dates. This creates a direct connection between your school and the students, assisting them in the questions and actions they need to take to get to class for day one of their post-secondary education. Contact us to get the Zept Assistant for your school.

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Applying to schools abroad is a journey full of uncertainties. Use Zept, a free personal tool to find, arrange for, and attend schools.