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Today's students live online. They are online in school, in their living room, in their bedroom, at events. The candidates who won’t talk to you in person, the ones you really want, talk to you through Zept.

The students who don’t use education agents are bright, resourceful, independent students who succeed at your school. They are also the most difficult for you to recruit. They don’t talk to you. They research on your site, they scour rankings sites, they talk to their family, friends and guidance counsellor but they don’t reach out to you. With Zept, they do.

Zept has transformed a student’s journey of finding the best school from a months long slog to a few minutes of delight. Zept only recommends your school to students who are looking for programs you offer and have sufficient grades to be considered for acceptance. That part Zept does for every school for free. This powerful tool attracts tens of thousands of students from around the world to look for schools on Zept.

Your opportunity is to initiate a chat with the students who’ve expressed an interest in you. There’s a nuance here that is very important to make note of. Schools cannot spam the students on Zept to try to recruit them. Schools have permission to reach out to students only after the student has qualified themselves and expressed an interest in you.

Even with this massive increase of efficiency, we recognize that we still can overwhelm you with new relationships to manage. We have a solutions for that too. We provide every recruiter with a virtual assistant. Whether it’s just an automated, personalized initial message or dialogue around frequently asked questions, Zept’s Virtual Assistant can be the superpower to augment your recruitment.

Zept’s mission is to help students get in to the best school possible. That means schools can never buy influence in our recommendation algorithm.

Zept’s reach is truly global. The students that use Zept are from nearly every country around the world. If diversity is important to you, Zept provides opportunity to reach students where student fairs and education agents do not go.

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Applying to schools abroad is a journey full of uncertainties. Use Zept, a free personal tool to find, arrange for, and attend schools.